Organizing Team

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Racheal Chagonja, Co-Chair, Local Organizing Team. Current International Councilor, IPPNW-Tanzania, Member of the African Uranium Alliance.
Amani Mhinda, Co-Chair/Project Lead, Local Organizing Team. Executive Director, HakiMadini, Tanzania.
Lydia Mziray, Project Coordinator, Local Organizing Team. Advocacy Program Manager, HakiMadini.
Mosses Simon Liaison, Tanzanian Medical Student Association,Local Organizing Team. National Student Representative, IPPNW Tanzania.
Marko Hingi, Liaison, Medical Association of Tanzania, Local Organizing Team. Co-Founder Tanzania Rural Health Movement and member IPPNW Tanzania.
Dr. Peter Mburu, Partner and Fundraising Liaison, East Africa, Local and International Organizing Team. Vice-Chair and International Councillor, IPPNW Kenya and ICAN liaison for IPPNW-Kenya.

International Organizing Committee

Dr. Mathabo Hlahane, Chair, International Organizing Team. Co-Founder and President, IPPNW-South Africa.
Dr. Hellen Barsosio, Secretary, International Organizing Team. Regional Vice President, IPPNW Africa.
Dr. Daniel Bassey, Partners and Fundraising Liaison, International Organizing Team, Co-President IPPNW.
Dr. Ehase Agyeno, Member of the International Organizing Team, President, IPPNW Nigeria
Dr. Alex Rosen, Member of the International Organizing Team, Vice Chair and Board Member, IPPNW Germany Member,
Dr. Andreas Nidecker,Member of the International Organizing Team, IPPNW Board Member and President, IPPNW Switzerland Member,
Dr. Patrick Ezie,Chair, Chair, Junior Doctors of Africa Member, Member of the International Organizing Team