The Journey to End Violence

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Dr. David Onazi, one of our brightest stars in IPPNW Africa, is a young activist and the current International Councillor, Society of Nigerian Doctors for the Welfare of Mankind (IPPNW-Nigeria), shares the moving story of his journey to end violence in his continent.

Dr. Ogebe Onazi delivered UNSG Ban Ki Moon the Medical Alert for a strong Arms Trade Treaty
UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe
(Date taken: 2021-07-03 11:34:04 //)

Born in the global south in the wake of the cold war, carried away by my parents to safety several times during ethno-religious conflicts that besieged my childhood years, exposed to military training in my high school for six years, victim of gun violence at the higher institution where I was trained to become a doctor, exposed to more ethno-religious riots in my adulthood; a passion was suddenly borne in me to seek peace through health. I stayed with this growing passion until I found IPPNW.  My place in IPPNW became defined when I became involved in the Aiming for Prevention campaign through trainings on-line and face-to-face, helping me to convey my passion to stop gun proliferation in journals, granting me speaking opportunities at the UN and refining my skills to effectively deliver our message on peace through health via the radio. I have come to a balance in understanding the effects of violence on health and how to apply this understanding as an activist.