A new article in an American Heart Association journal draws a compelling analogy between preventing sudden cardiac death and preventing nuclear war. [...]
Mon, Jun 24, 2019
Source IPPNW peaceandhealthblog
Today we face not only an increasingly militarized world, but even a resumption of the nuclear arms race, as nuclear powers brazenly scrap nuclear arms control and disarmament treaties and threaten one another, as well as non-nuclear nations, with nuclear war. Why not wage a peace race instead of an [...]
Tue, May 28, 2019
Source IPPNW peaceandhealthblog
We, as a society, are conscious of the risk of the devastating impacts that could come from climate disruption. In contrast to the absence of public discourse around nuclear conflict since the end of the Cold War, climate has been a subject of intense public debate. Although the danger of [...]
Sun, Apr 28, 2019
Source IPPNW peaceandhealthblog
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